Belly dance fusion – with a Belly dancer that understands Egyptian music

The road map for becoming a great dancer parallels the map for being a strong musician

This is what makes Vanessa not just a great belly dancer, but also an artist incredibly creative at belly dance fusion. She understands both Western and Eastern music, including Egyptian music. She can read music, and also play music – both percussion (Egyptian Duff) and melody (piano and guitar). Vanessa’s musical background and training in authentic Egyptian Belly Dance really lets her feel the emotion of a song, and so she interprets music in a way that is so enjoyable to watch. She really relays the emotion of the song to the audience.


Belly dance - Arabic band and Belly dancer


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A special note from Vanessa to Musicians

As a fellow artist and amateur musician, Vanessa knows that musicians express emotion via their instruments. She also knows that dancers express it via their movements. So as a belly dancer, Vanessa believes it is her job to join with the musician and help express that emotion too. Music ignites her heart and soul, so she wants the audience to feel what the musician is saying in his music, and what she’s feeling too.

The poem below was written by Vanessa and it’s dedicated to all Musicians. “One heart, two voices” was inspired by the relationship between Music and Dance, Musician and Belly Dancer.


Belly dance fusion - Musician and Belly dancer


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Belly dance fusion – Why collaborate with Vanessa?

Vanessa welcomes collaboration with other artists – dancers, musicians, singers, those with passion for their art. She believes in fusion between different art forms, that it can inspire new forms of artistic expression, and so welcomes the opportunity to share her talents toward the effort.


Vanessa is a natural dancer, who grew up with Music and Dance 

As a dancer, Vanessa has a natural feel for rhythm attributed in part to her Caribbean roots. Growing up in Trinidad, she was exposed to a variety of musical styles resulting from the influence of the East Indian, African and Spanish cultures. Both Eastern and Western instruments are familiar to her, including the tabla, accordion, sitar, Spanish guitar, steel pan (native to Trinidad), plus a variety of percussion and brass. Apart from culture, Vanessa also studied classical music from a young age, learning to play the piano and guitar, as well as read music. As a dancer, Vanessa has been trained in the fundamentals of ballet, and has a background in other styles such as Latin dance, Indian dance, Zumba, Hip Hop and Pole dance.

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Vanessa is a “musical” belly dancer 

You can see the effort in a nonmusical dancer—they are often step-driven… Musical dancers don’t just turn until they stop. They turn until they have to move on to the next point in the music. Musical dancers never get so caught up in steps that they ignore the music.

Above all else, Vanessa values portraying the emotion of the music in her dancing. She is very talented at this, and credits it to the years she spent studying with Egyptian musician, Hossam Ramzy and musical belly dancer, Serena Ramzy. In her training, Vanessa studied Egyptian rhythm, melody, harmony and instrumentation. She spent time improvising to solo instruments (violin, qanun, nay, accordion), and also learned to play the Duff (Egyptian frame drum). Because of all her training in music, Vanessa is able to hear music as a musician does. This allows her to really feel the emotion within songs, and hence why as a belly dancer she is able to express that emotion so well.

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In my long experience as a drummer and musician I found out that: THE BEST DANCER IS THE LISTENING DANCER


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