About Vanessa

About Vanessa

A Proven Entertainer  

Vanessa is a Miami based Belly Dancer, specializing in authentic Egyptian Belly Dance. She has over 6 years of experience performing for audiences far and wide. She has performed throughout Miami and South Florida, across the U.S., in different countries and cultures, for audiences that know belly dance well and others that are seeing it for the first time. Each time, the result is the SAME – audiences fall in love with her! Her dancing, her smile, the clever ways she interprets the nuances of the music makes them delight and cheer in enjoyment – and Vanessa loves every minute of it!


A True Professional  

Vanessa is an absolute professional who believes in quality, class, authenticity and DETAIL. She puts thought into every aspect of her performances. Music, costuming, belly dance styles and more are all hand-picked to match the type of event, location and clientele. Vanessa believes every event is unique and treats it as such.


An Artist In Her Field  

What sets Vanessa apart as a Belly Dancer is her connection to the roots of the Art Form, i.e. EGYPT. She spent 3 years studying overseas with Egyptian master percussionist, Hossam Ramzy and master belly dance instructor, Serena Ramzy. To date, Vanessa is one of the few graduates of their ‘Advanced Dancers Course’ at the Drumzy School of Music & Dance in the U.K. Vanessa is officially certified by the Drumzy School as a professional Belly Dancer specializing in Egyptian style Belly Dance.


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