Training in Egyptian Dance, Rhythm and Music

Vanessa was blessed to have been trained by both a musician and a dancer during the years 2012 to 2015. At the Drumzy School of Music & Dance in England, Vanessa was a student of the Advanced Dancers Course, and was taught drumming by Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian drummer) and dance by Serena Ramzy (Belly dancer). As a graduate of the school and of the course, Vanessa has a solid foundation in Egyptian dance, culture and history, as well as rhythm, music and instrumentation.

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Training in Egyptian Dance, Rhythm and Music



Training in Dance

  • Expression of music using movement
  • Dance styles of the Stars of the Golden Era of Egyptian Dance – Naima Akef, Samya Gamal, Nagwa Fouad, Taheyya Karioka, Suheir Zaki
  • Various styles of Egyptian Dance – Classical, Baladi, Saidi (Folklore), Drum Solo
  • Musical interpretation of Soloists (Nay, Qanun, Accordion, Violin) and Orchestration – posture, movements
  • Improvisation to live music
  • Musical layers for Group choreographies – Rhythm, Melody, Orchestral phrase, Harmony
  • Choreography, creativity, making the music come alive


Training in Rhythm/ Drumming

  • Reading music notation for percussion
  • Egyptian Dance rhythms played on Duff (frame drum)
  • Wahda Kebira tree of rhythms – Wahda Kebira, Maqsoum, Fallahy, Zaar/ Ayoub, Malfuf, Adani, Karachi
  • Masmoudi tree of rhythms – Masmoudi Kebir, Masmoudi, Masmoudi Saghir
  • Shiftitelli tree of rhythms – Shiftitelli, Saidi


Training in Music/ Instrumentation

  • Structure of musical compositions – Rhythm, Melody, Orchestral phrase, Harmony
  • Melodic instruments traditionally used in Egyptian music – Nay, Qanun, Oud, Accordion, Violin, Mizmar, Trumpet, Saxophone
  • Feel of instruments – light and airy (Nay), elegant (Qanun), earthy and Baladi (Accordion)
  • Breaking down songs, dance compositions – Prelude, Intro, Verses, Chorus, Musical bridge, Outro